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Ease the burden of final expenses with this popular plan featuring permanent coverage that can last your lifetime. As an customer, You can’t be turned down due to your health, and once you’re insured, your rate will never go up!

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Colonial Penn's Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance is a popular insurance plan. Applicants don't need to be in perfect health to get coverage, so they do not have to undergo a physical or answer any health questions—acceptance is guaranteed regardless of pre-existing conditions. We can guarantee your acceptance because of a two-year limited benefit period. This permanent whole life insurance can last your entire lifetime and once insured your rate will never go up!

Acceptance is guaranteed for those age 50-85 (in most states). Guaranteed Acceptance means you can't be turned down for any health reason. Locked-in premium rates start at $9.95 a month.

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No medical exam

You cannot be turned down because of your health. This is permanent, whole life insurance with no health questions asked and physical to take. Your acceptance is guaranteed.

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Your choice of coverage amounts

Colonial Penn offers you a variety of coverage amounts, called units, to fit your needs and budget. A unit of coverage corresponds to the life insurance benefit amount that you can purchase. Coverage amounts are based on your age, gender (in Montana, age only) and state of residence. The price per unit is a fixed amount, and multiple units can be purchased. Get a quote to see rates available to you for up to 15 units of coverage.

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Locked-in premium & benefit amount

Once insured, your premium gets locked in and is guaranteed to never increase for as long as your coverage lasts. Your benefit won’t decrease due to age.

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Flexible payment options

Enjoy the flexibility to pay premiums monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

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Coverage can't be cancelled

Final medical and hospital bills. Funeral and burial expenses. Unpaid credit cards. Home or car loans. Colonial Penn’s Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance offers you easy and reliable coverage. With enough life insurance in place, you can rest easy knowing that your final expenses won’t add to your family’s grief. As long as you pay your premiums, your coverage cannot be cancelled. Your coverage will begin to build cash value after the first year which you can borrow against at a guaranteed rate.


Why Choose This Colonial Penn Plan?

No Medical Exam

No health questions asked. Limited benefit first two years.

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believes this plan offers the coverage and value our loyal customers deserve.

Life Insurance Made Simple

Apply for coverage in a few simple steps.

Why is bringing me this life insurance offer?

selected this life insurance because it offers customers like you the right combination of protection, value and convenience. And it's backed by Colonial Penn, a leader in providing insurance plans to mature Americans for over half a century.

Do I have to answer any medical questions?

You don't have to answer any questions about your health or take a physical exam. Your acceptance is guaranteed!

As I get older, will my benefits be reduced?

No. After your coverage begins, your benefit will not decrease as you grow older or if your health changes. Acceptance is guaranteed because of a limited benefit for death during the first two years.

Will my rates go up every year?

Once your coverage takes effect, your rate will stay the same as long as you keep your insurance.

Will my coverage be cancelled as I age?

Absolutely not. Your coverage can stay in force as long as you pay your premiums when due.

What is a unit?

A unit of coverage corresponds to the life insurance benefit amount you can purchase. It depends on age, gender (in Montana, age only) and state. Please get a quote to see benefit amounts and premiums available to you for up to 15 units of coverage.

Can I take a loan against the cash value of my Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance?

Yes. If your coverage is in force and has a cash value yes, you may obtain a loan on it. The interest rate is 8% compounded annually. Any loan amount and interest that has not been repaid at the time of death is deducted from the death benefit. Please refer to your policy/certificate for more information or contact Colonial Penn directly.

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