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Helped me resolve my issue."},{"authorName":"Stephanie M C.","publisherDate":"July 06, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great Customer Service "},{"authorName":"Richard S B.","publisherDate":"July 06, 2024","rating":5,"content":"your great!!\r\nrick"},{"authorName":"Ramonua C H.","publisherDate":"July 06, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great customer service "},{"authorName":"Roberta R.","publisherDate":"July 06, 2024","rating":5,"content":"She was great and I hope everyone experience the same "},{"authorName":"Jeannie H.","publisherDate":"July 05, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great customer service.!!! ๐Ÿฅฐ"},{"authorName":"Jaquelin R.","publisherDate":"July 04, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great customer service "},{"authorName":"William S R.","publisherDate":"July 04, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great service "},{"authorName":"Lorretta G.","publisherDate":"July 04, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great explanation of benefits."},{"authorName":"Sylvia F.","publisherDate":"July 03, 2024","rating":5,"content":"you're great cust service ia akway grreat keep up the good work "},{"authorName":"Shirley I B.","publisherDate":"July 02, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Best service for my need"},{"authorName":"Gary W S.","publisherDate":"July 02, 2024","rating":5,"content":"You all are Awsume!!"},{"authorName":"Paullette M.","publisherDate":"July 02, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great customer service "},{"authorName":"Nicol D.","publisherDate":"July 02, 2024","rating":5,"content":"It all good"},{"authorName":"Maria Del Pilar A.","publisherDate":"July 01, 2024","rating":5,"content":"EXCELLENT!"},{"authorName":"Melissa A.","publisherDate":"July 01, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Good "},{"authorName":"Roslyn S L.","publisherDate":"June 30, 2024","rating":5,"content":"The experience was effortless."},{"authorName":"Carol A A.","publisherDate":"June 30, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Your customer service is the best. Your integrity regarding not only protecting my account information stood out to me. I felt like my life as a person matters to you. Thanks for taking all the measures you took to protect me as well as my account. Thanks kindly."},{"authorName":"Mary J P.","publisherDate":"June 30, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great customer Service"},{"authorName":"Kenneth B.","publisherDate":"June 30, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Every thing was great thanks so much. "},{"authorName":"Wilma K.","publisherDate":"June 29, 2024","rating":5,"content":"it was so easy to get additional coverage on the phone. "},{"authorName":"Calvinette C.","publisherDate":"June 29, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great service and opportunities."},{"authorName":"Tanya Renee T.","publisherDate":"June 28, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great customer service "},{"authorName":"Sharon S.","publisherDate":"June 28, 2024","rating":5,"content":"The service was so nice representative that I talked to was really nice"},{"authorName":"Ronald H.","publisherDate":"June 28, 2024","rating":5,"content":"I AM VERY PLEASED WITH COLONIAL PENN LIFE INSURANCE! VERY PROFESSIONAL AND FRIENDLY STAFF!"},{"authorName":"Sophie H.","publisherDate":"June 28, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great service "},{"authorName":"Isabel L V.","publisherDate":"June 28, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Excellent "},{"authorName":"Brenda M C.","publisherDate":"June 28, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Brendacox "},{"authorName":"Dennis H.","publisherDate":"June 27, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great customer service "},{"authorName":"John H.","publisherDate":"June 26, 2024","rating":5,"content":"The service over the phone was great "},{"authorName":"Kenneth M C.","publisherDate":"June 26, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Thank you for your service and when I can I'll increase the benefit amount"},{"authorName":"Lynette S M.","publisherDate":"June 25, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Awesome "},{"authorName":"Janet C.","publisherDate":"June 25, 2024","rating":5,"content":"True great service "},{"authorName":"Sara W.","publisherDate":"June 24, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great customer service"},{"authorName":"Kristi A.","publisherDate":"June 24, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great customer service "},{"authorName":"Benjamin D.","publisherDate":"June 24, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Very knowledgeable in what I was looking for. Understanding my Position on the matter. "},{"authorName":"Harold O J.","publisherDate":"June 24, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great Customer Service "},{"authorName":"Brenda B.","publisherDate":"June 23, 2024","rating":5,"content":"I am very happy"},{"authorName":"Norma I S.","publisherDate":"June 23, 2024","rating":5,"content":"The first contact to get the CPIC was good; then I tried to contact the company due to an email received, no response provided. "},{"authorName":"Shirley C.","publisherDate":"June 23, 2024","rating":4,"content":"Like non I've experienced before.but was a little expensive for me. "},{"authorName":"Connie Jean T.","publisherDate":"June 22, 2024","rating":4,"content":"Good service "},{"authorName":"Patricia E.","publisherDate":"June 20, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Wonderful customer interaction!"},{"authorName":"John H S.","publisherDate":"June 20, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Efficient!"},{"authorName":"Ginetta N.","publisherDate":"June 20, 2024","rating":4,"content":"I have had good customer service, however I had to make two calls to get my issues resolved. Otherwise, I am pleased with my account."},{"authorName":"Karen W.","publisherDate":"June 19, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great explanations and patient with me!"},{"authorName":"Iris N P.","publisherDate":"June 19, 2024","rating":5,"content":"C/s service person was very nice and helped me get payments set up."},{"authorName":"Karen C.","publisherDate":"June 18, 2024","rating":4,"content":"Very helpful when adding a new policy"},{"authorName":"Gladys M L.","publisherDate":"June 18, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Good company "},{"authorName":"John R.","publisherDate":"June 18, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Representative was great \r\nGot all my questions answered "},{"authorName":"Michele D.","publisherDate":"June 18, 2024","rating":5,"content":"It went very well and I am happy to have this coverage for my children's sake. The representative was helpful and patient."},{"authorName":"Ruth G.","publisherDate":"June 18, 2024","rating":5,"content":"It was easy as advertised and everyone was very pleasant!"},{"authorName":"Rufus W.","publisherDate":"June 18, 2024","rating":5,"content":"My experience was great. I would still be a client but you don\u2019t have Term life insurance, which is what I need."},{"authorName":"Michael P D.","publisherDate":"June 18, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great service "},{"authorName":"Alvina G C.","publisherDate":"June 17, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Excellent service "},{"authorName":"Angela M D.","publisherDate":"June 17, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great"},{"authorName":"Tiffina L D.","publisherDate":"June 17, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Colonial Penn is an excellent insurance company."},{"authorName":"Luther G.","publisherDate":"June 17, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great customer service "},{"authorName":"Maria R.","publisherDate":"June 16, 2024","rating":5,"content":"They are very helpful"},{"authorName":"Hortensia L L.","publisherDate":"June 16, 2024","rating":5,"content":"verry good service . 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Cancel this immediately!!"},{"authorName":"Nancy J S.","publisherDate":"June 13, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Excellent service and fast, reliable response.\r\nAwesome Company!"},{"authorName":"Ruth N.","publisherDate":"June 13, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Representative gave me the important information I needed."},{"authorName":"Velvet F.","publisherDate":"June 13, 2024","rating":1,"content":"i was charged 2 times on 2 different debut cards and i want a refund no credit"},{"authorName":"Sonia O.","publisherDate":"June 12, 2024","rating":4,"content":"Good services"},{"authorName":"Rita W.","publisherDate":"June 12, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great customer service!"},{"authorName":"Ava H.","publisherDate":"June 12, 2024","rating":1,"content":"LIES ABOUT THE LIFE INSURANCE ON TV SAYING YOU CAN GET YOUR LIFE INSURANCE FOR ๐Ÿ˜’ ๐Ÿ™„ $10.00 COLONIAL P.L.I. COMPANY. FALSE ADVERTISING, FRAUD....."},{"authorName":"Mattie W.","publisherDate":"June 11, 2024","rating":3,"content":"There Pretty Good "},{"authorName":"Juretha T.","publisherDate":"June 11, 2024","rating":5,"content":"The agent was very helpful and informed!!! She put me at ease and made me feel comfortable !!! As I started my career in insurance I knew that she was good. Thank you Angel\u203c๏ธ"},{"authorName":"Frances C.","publisherDate":"June 11, 2024","rating":3,"content":"Ok but I need to borrow from my insurance and I was told I have to call and ask for a form to be mail to me and then mail it back this takes a month what if you need the money now why is this not online so we can access and do it ourselves "},{"authorName":"Karen A S.","publisherDate":"June 11, 2024","rating":5,"content":"The agents are knowlrdgeable and the company follows through on every contact."},{"authorName":"Henry W.","publisherDate":"June 11, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Colonial Penn Life insurance are the greatest they have helped me with all my future funeral needs as I expected. They're the best"},{"authorName":"Eugene H.","publisherDate":"June 10, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great service."},{"authorName":"Becky L P.","publisherDate":"June 10, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great"},{"authorName":"Beatrice S.","publisherDate":"June 10, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Colonial Penn is customer reps r patient, reliable n understandable. Very knowledable."},{"authorName":"Steven J.","publisherDate":"June 10, 2024","rating":5,"content":"graet jobs"},{"authorName":"Pierre A S.","publisherDate":"June 04, 2024","rating":5,"content":"I like everything about this company."},{"authorName":"Traci H.","publisherDate":"June 04, 2024","rating":1,"content":"I would like to cancel I can't afford it "},{"authorName":"Robert A C.","publisherDate":"June 02, 2024","rating":5,"content":"I\u2019m still with Colonial Penn, just can no longer make payments. Life sucks sometimes."},{"authorName":"Karen B.","publisherDate":"June 02, 2024","rating":4,"content":"Pretty good but a pain with letters"},{"authorName":"Loretta M A.","publisherDate":"June 02, 2024","rating":5,"content":"I am a happy Colonial Penn Client. Thank\r\nfor reaching out. Loretta Adams"},{"authorName":"Dorothy M W.","publisherDate":"June 01, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Excellent service "},{"authorName":"Bruce E M.","publisherDate":"May 31, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Your website has to be the easiest to work with. "},{"authorName":"Ruby Anne L.","publisherDate":"May 31, 2024","rating":5,"content":"At times when I'm paying my account on the phone you ask if I know anyone who might want to purchase your insurance. I believe that is a poor judgement request."},{"authorName":"Saundra A M.","publisherDate":"May 31, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Representative really helps"},{"authorName":"Victoria J.","publisherDate":"May 30, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Appreciate their quick response to all of my issues I'm am extremely satisfied with Colonial Penn service "},{"authorName":"Donnell P.","publisherDate":"May 30, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Good "},{"authorName":"Frances A B.","publisherDate":"May 29, 2024","rating":5,"content":"FRIENDLY, POLITE,HELPFUL,FELT AS IF I WERE TALKING TO A PROFESSIONAL FAMILY MEMBER. VERY HELPFUL WITH MY QUESTIONS . ALL AROUND GREAT SERVICE, WOULD RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY TO ANYBODY. & AFFORDABLE & EASY POLICY TOO. THANK YOU SO MUCH!"},{"authorName":"Donna G.","publisherDate":"May 29, 2024","rating":4,"content":"I had to wait over a week before I received a call."},{"authorName":"Noreen M.","publisherDate":"May 29, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great customer service!"},{"authorName":"Helen B H.","publisherDate":"May 28, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Good morning. From the start, everyone was very helpful and answered all my questions. Thank you for being there. Helen H."},{"authorName":"Gregory D W.","publisherDate":"May 28, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Good "},{"authorName":"Neshko N.","publisherDate":"May 28, 2024","rating":5,"content":"I like the company so they\u2019re great. I have no problem."},{"authorName":"James V P.","publisherDate":"May 27, 2024","rating":5,"content":"JAMES V PECORARO "},{"authorName":"Rhonda M.","publisherDate":"May 24, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great"},{"authorName":"Irvin B.","publisherDate":"May 23, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great experience and they've always worked with me when I had to rearrange my payment dates and the reps I've spoken with has been pleasant and understanding ๐Ÿ˜Š "},{"authorName":"Larry T.","publisherDate":"May 23, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Good customer service "},{"authorName":"Jacqueline J.","publisherDate":"May 22, 2024","rating":4,"content":"Great customer service. Only one lady l had a problem with. Other than that, I have had good service. Thank you "},{"authorName":"Lorna J I.","publisherDate":"May 22, 2024","rating":3,"content":"I gave this rating because I\u2019ve signed up with auto pay and you guys don\u2019t be taking out the funds for my policy now I\u2019m three month in the rear because of this "},{"authorName":"Judith D.","publisherDate":"May 21, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great setvice"},{"authorName":"Jean P V.","publisherDate":"May 21, 2024","rating":3,"content":"My name is Jean Vaughn. Dear X?? Do you want my Feedback and you\u2019re calling me Dear X. You don\u2019t respect me enough to use my NAME? I am highly insulted and disappointed in your company."},{"authorName":"Jose L R.","publisherDate":"May 21, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great job "},{"authorName":"Conrad S T.","publisherDate":"May 21, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Good service "},{"authorName":"Susan S.","publisherDate":"May 21, 2024","rating":5,"content":"SUSAN S"},{"authorName":"Mary M.","publisherDate":"May 21, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Professional service "},{"authorName":"Marinieca L S.","publisherDate":"May 20, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Good "},{"authorName":"Frederick E.","publisherDate":"May 20, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Everything went fast . "},{"authorName":"Adam M.","publisherDate":"May 20, 2024","rating":5,"content":"I would like to thank you all for giving me And my family. The Relief of not having to worry about my home going. Appreciate you."},{"authorName":"Mary S.","publisherDate":"May 19, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great customer service. Found my problem and checked it through everyone above him he needed to."},{"authorName":"Paul M.","publisherDate":"May 19, 2024","rating":4,"content":"Pay by phone can be better "},{"authorName":"Brenda H.","publisherDate":"May 19, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Colonial Penn cares."},{"authorName":"Pamela B.","publisherDate":"May 19, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great service "},{"authorName":"Michael F.","publisherDate":"May 19, 2024","rating":1,"content":"What a rip off!"},{"authorName":"Albert D R.","publisherDate":"May 18, 2024","rating":5,"content":"I haven\u2019t had it long enough"},{"authorName":"Gregory L S.","publisherDate":"May 18, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great services"},{"authorName":"Stanton F W.","publisherDate":"May 17, 2024","rating":5,"content":"X"},{"authorName":"Mary A.","publisherDate":"May 17, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great customer service "},{"authorName":"Sandra T.","publisherDate":"May 17, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Excellent customer service "},{"authorName":"Sharon R M.","publisherDate":"May 17, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great customer service and I appreciate it "},{"authorName":"Vernell L.","publisherDate":"May 16, 2024","rating":1,"content":"Great"},{"authorName":"Violeta M.","publisherDate":"May 07, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great customer service most especially Suzi Suggs !!!"},{"authorName":"Latesha A W.","publisherDate":"May 06, 2024","rating":1,"content":"Don't see out policys"},{"authorName":"Ronald C B.","publisherDate":"May 04, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great customer service "},{"authorName":"Marva R.","publisherDate":"May 04, 2024","rating":4,"content":"Had to call too many numbers before I reached the correct department"},{"authorName":"Anna B S.","publisherDate":"May 04, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great service. "},{"authorName":"Ronald A.","publisherDate":"May 02, 2024","rating":3,"content":"I paid my March payment on 3/28. My bank statement shows the debit. I was debited arson May 1. I called your customer service and they are saying my March 28th debit is not showing."},{"authorName":"Rhonda A H.","publisherDate":"April 27, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great customer service!"},{"authorName":"Laura T.","publisherDate":"April 26, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Yes the service was great and she was professional and polite "},{"authorName":"Sharon L A.","publisherDate":"April 26, 2024","rating":5,"content":"I was very happy with the help I got"},{"authorName":"Maureen A G.","publisherDate":"April 26, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Your representative was nice and knowledgeable."},{"authorName":"Perry A S.","publisherDate":"April 26, 2024","rating":4,"content":"Exellent customer service. Policy was explained clearly and in a fashion that was eady to understand. Monica is a great rep."},{"authorName":"Dawn P.","publisherDate":"April 25, 2024","rating":1,"content":"Had assumed by commercials and every thing I've seen...that I'd be getting $25,000 at death for $10.00 a month... Ha! That 9.95 would only get you half in the ground. Going to cancel, such a scam. Already have $5000.00 in a fund for my death...please QUIT with the lying commercials. I want my 19.95 back and cancel right now.\r\nSo sorry for the people that think their burial will be covered by your $9:95 a month. So disappointing. "},{"authorName":"Olga Estella A.","publisherDate":"April 25, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great customer service "},{"authorName":"Gladys M.","publisherDate":"April 25, 2024","rating":1,"content":"Honestly, I don't recall signing up for this, so I have no opinion of your service. I especially don't recall giving you access to my checking account!"},{"authorName":"Dixie S H.","publisherDate":"April 25, 2024","rating":5,"content":"The person was very nice and helpful. "},{"authorName":"Patricia L B.","publisherDate":"April 25, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Excellent"},{"authorName":"Thelma R O.","publisherDate":"April 24, 2024","rating":5,"content":"It was great "},{"authorName":"Lovell G M.","publisherDate":"April 24, 2024","rating":5,"content":"I like doing business with you all I fill so contable with you all"},{"authorName":"Sandy D.","publisherDate":"April 24, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Very satisfied "},{"authorName":"Mary M.","publisherDate":"April 24, 2024","rating":4,"content":"Good"},{"authorName":"Michael H.","publisherDate":"April 23, 2024","rating":3,"content":"Waiting approval "},{"authorName":"Johnnie M.","publisherDate":"April 23, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great "},{"authorName":"Keith B.","publisherDate":"April 23, 2024","rating":5,"content":"easy"},{"authorName":"Virginia M G.","publisherDate":"April 23, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great service thx."},{"authorName":"Arnisica C.","publisherDate":"April 23, 2024","rating":5,"content":"The process was easy and fast"},{"authorName":"Lawrence K.","publisherDate":"April 22, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Easy to do business with online , speedy response time, too."},{"authorName":"Mary Ann F.","publisherDate":"April 22, 2024","rating":1,"content":"I have insurance I don\u2019t want. I was just checking on what I could get. Bad bad experience. "},{"authorName":"Danny L R.","publisherDate":"April 22, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Very good"},{"authorName":"Sherry B.","publisherDate":"April 22, 2024","rating":3,"content":"Hi I haven\u2019t received my forms yet that I was supposed to to get."},{"authorName":"Michael M.","publisherDate":"April 21, 2024","rating":1,"content":"You took me all the way through the enrollment without telling me what my $29 was buying. You only showed me after I had committed. Now I want my money back and cancel my policy."},{"authorName":"Tina V.","publisherDate":"April 20, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Michael was very helpful. "},{"authorName":"Sandra P.","publisherDate":"April 19, 2024","rating":5,"content":"It was so easy to sign up for a policy online."},{"authorName":"Tammy W.","publisherDate":"April 19, 2024","rating":5,"content":"My husband has found cheaper life insurance. So if you can cancel the life insurance policy with you y\u2019all company. Thank you "},{"authorName":"Craig G.","publisherDate":"April 19, 2024","rating":1,"content":"Ur just using your own money. Dont understand the purpose of this policy "},{"authorName":"James K.","publisherDate":"April 19, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great customer service "},{"authorName":"Mary G.","publisherDate":"April 18, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Mr.Zan Buren was very knowledgeable and patient with me."},{"authorName":"Tanya G.","publisherDate":"April 18, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Excellent "},{"authorName":"Ellen T.","publisherDate":"April 17, 2024","rating":1,"content":"I wish I could have talked to a person. Didn't realize I was buying the plan right then. Please cancel my policy."},{"authorName":"Edward G.","publisherDate":"April 17, 2024","rating":1,"content":"I asked you to cancel this policy and not to charge the account. You did it anyway! Please refund the charge!"},{"authorName":"David W.","publisherDate":"April 16, 2024","rating":1,"content":"I\u2019m sorry but I will be canceling my insurance with you. For that $9.95 you can not supply enough coverage."},{"authorName":"Robert G L.","publisherDate":"April 16, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great service when i registered.very easy Robert 198!!"},{"authorName":"Virginia M.","publisherDate":"April 16, 2024","rating":3,"content":"Okay would\u2019ve like something on paper explaining what I\u2019ve got, and all the particulars."},{"authorName":"Marva W.","publisherDate":"April 16, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Easy & straight forward"},{"authorName":"Bryan M.","publisherDate":"April 16, 2024","rating":1,"content":"I need more coverage "},{"authorName":"Donald B.","publisherDate":"April 15, 2024","rating":1,"content":"please cancel my policy Patricia Broussard and Donald Broussard\r\nthank you"},{"authorName":"Yolanda S.","publisherDate":"April 15, 2024","rating":1,"content":"I was charged twice on the same day I did the paperwork! That was not to happen! I called and was given the run around now waiting for refund which shouldn\u2019t have happened to begin with "},{"authorName":"Margaret W.","publisherDate":"April 15, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Easy to apply "},{"authorName":"Deborah L.","publisherDate":"April 15, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great experience "},{"authorName":"Marilyn L.","publisherDate":"April 14, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great customer service "},{"authorName":"Cynthia C.","publisherDate":"April 14, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Easy as 123!"},{"authorName":"Yakima T.","publisherDate":"April 14, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great..."},{"authorName":"Joseph L.","publisherDate":"April 14, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great way to get life insurance."},{"authorName":"Cheryl B.","publisherDate":"April 13, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Very easy to fill out "},{"authorName":"James D.","publisherDate":"April 13, 2024","rating":2,"content":"Your business model is deceptive and you make it difficult to cancel a policy. There shouldn\u2019t be any charges until the customer approves the benefit amount. I called and canceled my policy the day after I was approved due to the measly benefit amount compared to the premiums. I would never recommend your company to anyone. I\u2019ve disputed the initial charge and expect a refund."},{"authorName":"Carolyn M H.","publisherDate":"April 13, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Very professional "},{"authorName":"Beverly E.","publisherDate":"April 13, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great service "},{"authorName":"Kathy L B.","publisherDate":"April 12, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great customer service"},{"authorName":"Anne N.","publisherDate":"April 12, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Customer svc is the best you'll find!"},{"authorName":"Pamella C R.","publisherDate":"April 11, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Friendly knowledgeable, customer service"},{"authorName":"April J.","publisherDate":"April 11, 2024","rating":3,"content":"Great had to get it again for my mom"},{"authorName":"Ada S R.","publisherDate":"April 11, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great customer service! The lady that waited on me,was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions."},{"authorName":"Debra V.","publisherDate":"April 10, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great website \r\nFlawless "},{"authorName":"Sherry B.","publisherDate":"April 10, 2024","rating":4,"content":"I didn't really understand what I was buying bc of the units??? I wanted to get the $25.000 or more but just didn't understand!!!???"},{"authorName":"Gayle W.","publisherDate":"April 09, 2024","rating":1,"content":"I did not sign up for an account but you charged me!!!\u2019 Terrible "},{"authorName":"Jackie J.","publisherDate":"April 09, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Excellent customer service"},{"authorName":"Todd H.","publisherDate":"April 08, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Good "},{"authorName":"Jack M.","publisherDate":"April 08, 2024","rating":1,"content":"The money was removed from my account before I ever received a rate quote! Now I\u2019m having trouble canceling. "},{"authorName":"Kathryn L.","publisherDate":"April 07, 2024","rating":1,"content":"I wasn't pleased and would like to cancel the insurance policy I was looking for a lot more than 5007"},{"authorName":"Larry L.","publisherDate":"April 07, 2024","rating":4,"content":"Great customer service "},{"authorName":"Louise P Y.","publisherDate":"April 07, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Good people to talk to give you a lot of help. "},{"authorName":"Stacy R.","publisherDate":"April 07, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Very nice "},{"authorName":"Donna H.","publisherDate":"April 06, 2024","rating":1,"content":"Very expensive. Not the best choice for insurance."},{"authorName":"Donald H.","publisherDate":"April 06, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Easy straightforward no pressure "},{"authorName":"Lisa G.","publisherDate":"April 05, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Very easy to enroll and understand!! "},{"authorName":"Emory S.","publisherDate":"April 04, 2024","rating":1,"content":"Please Cancell this and give me my refund. Not worth the money. Thanks"},{"authorName":"Patricia A B.","publisherDate":"April 04, 2024","rating":5,"content":"The agent I spoke to did a wonderful job getting through all of my questions. I really had other options but I chose to go with the policy through colonial penn."},{"authorName":"Carol N.","publisherDate":"April 04, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Called about insurance but am too old for affordable insurance. Invested in an annuity instead."},{"authorName":"Denise T.","publisherDate":"April 02, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Awesome service \r\nEasy steps on-line "},{"authorName":"Rebecca P.","publisherDate":"April 01, 2024","rating":1,"content":"I cancelled the insurance policy but you continue to bother me."},{"authorName":"Janet D.","publisherDate":"April 01, 2024","rating":4,"content":"Good service "},{"authorName":"Mary M.","publisherDate":"March 31, 2024","rating":4,"content":"so far its good\r\n"},{"authorName":"Joy C.","publisherDate":"March 31, 2024","rating":1,"content":"Hello, I canceled this account, 2 days after I ordered it, because I found a policy that cost less for more benefits. I sure hope you have not taken money out of my bank account."},{"authorName":"Paula B.","publisherDate":"March 31, 2024","rating":1,"content":"$1100 hardly covers funeral expenses"},{"authorName":"Ruth F.","publisherDate":"March 30, 2024","rating":5,"content":"i like it"},{"authorName":"Timothy W.","publisherDate":"March 30, 2024","rating":4,"content":"Awesome customer service "},{"authorName":"Tonia M.","publisherDate":"March 30, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great customer service"},{"authorName":"John H.","publisherDate":"March 30, 2024","rating":1,"content":"This policy was canceled "},{"authorName":"Billie T.","publisherDate":"March 29, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Thank you to Romona for being so friendly and helpful during our call. She is a real asset to your staff."},{"authorName":"Desneiges M.","publisherDate":"March 29, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Quick response w/paper work. "},{"authorName":"Charles O B.","publisherDate":"March 28, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Agent was so great to work with - he had so much knowledge; he was very professional, kind and helpful. Thank you so very much !!"},{"authorName":"Monique D C.","publisherDate":"March 28, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Excellent "},{"authorName":"Carron G.","publisherDate":"March 28, 2024","rating":5,"content":"The agent was good at explaining the coverage & pricing."},{"authorName":"Charlean W.","publisherDate":"March 27, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Awesome "},{"authorName":"Carol F.","publisherDate":"March 27, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Very helpful and kind"},{"authorName":"Gary L Y.","publisherDate":"March 27, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great Customer Service Team "},{"authorName":"David M.","publisherDate":"March 27, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Good customer service!"},{"authorName":"June Ann D.","publisherDate":"March 27, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great customer service. "},{"authorName":"Floramae T.","publisherDate":"March 27, 2024","rating":1,"content":"I cancel this insurance the second day I got it, and I spoke to several different agent but No one could help me cancel! Sad!"},{"authorName":"Harris H.","publisherDate":"March 27, 2024","rating":5,"content":"I'm very pleased with the services that I get from Colonial Peen. Mary was very courteous, professional, and friendly. "},{"authorName":"Anthony W.","publisherDate":"March 26, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Very easy and simple to apply.."},{"authorName":"Madeline L.","publisherDate":"March 26, 2024","rating":5,"content":"The person I talked to was amazing and explained everything to me very knowledgeable "},{"authorName":"Rita B.","publisherDate":"March 26, 2024","rating":5,"content":"easy to do"},{"authorName":"Lisa M.","publisherDate":"March 25, 2024","rating":1,"content":"This is a fraud. They take your bank information and charge your account. When you call them they say they will refund your money but they don\u2019t. I have had to file a dispute through my bank. "},{"authorName":"Kenneth W.","publisherDate":"March 25, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great"},{"authorName":"Rosa Z.","publisherDate":"March 25, 2024","rating":1,"content":"I did not want your business! Your u withdrew money for insurance after I told yall no! I want my money back!"},{"authorName":"Clinton S.","publisherDate":"March 24, 2024","rating":2,"content":"I would have liked to looked into more coverage prior to giving payment info"},{"authorName":"Cassandra S.","publisherDate":"March 24, 2024","rating":3,"content":"N/A"},{"authorName":"Brian S M.","publisherDate":"March 23, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Good Luck ๐Ÿ€"},{"authorName":"Charlene B.","publisherDate":"March 23, 2024","rating":1,"content":"Cancel it"},{"authorName":"Warren P.","publisherDate":"March 23, 2024","rating":3,"content":"Not good yet. Still have not received quote."},{"authorName":"Jenny H.","publisherDate":"March 23, 2024","rating":5,"content":"It was easy to do"},{"authorName":"Frederick P.","publisherDate":"March 23, 2024","rating":5,"content":"easy and fast to apply on line"},{"authorName":"Orison H.","publisherDate":"March 23, 2024","rating":1,"content":"I was only browsing and got took, I didn't want to purchase a policy and would like a refund "},{"authorName":"Susan C.","publisherDate":"March 22, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great customer service"},{"authorName":"Paul J E.","publisherDate":"March 22, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Good Custer service"},{"authorName":"Patricia A W.","publisherDate":"March 22, 2024","rating":5,"content":"They were very nice and patient with explaining the policy and I feel I now have the ability to provide something to my family in the future. For that, I am very thankful."},{"authorName":"Thomas H.","publisherDate":"March 21, 2024","rating":1,"content":"Pretty disappointing that you have to purchase a plan before it tells you how much coverage you get."},{"authorName":"Clifford O.","publisherDate":"March 21, 2024","rating":3,"content":"how much would 10000 be"},{"authorName":"Pamela S.","publisherDate":"March 21, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great service"},{"authorName":"Rick P.","publisherDate":"March 21, 2024","rating":1,"content":"Wait. How in the he## did i get signed up and money taken when ever I just asked for information???.?????."},{"authorName":"Clifford J H.","publisherDate":"March 21, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great service all the time"},{"authorName":"Robert K.","publisherDate":"March 21, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Easy to do business with. "},{"authorName":"Paul P.","publisherDate":"March 21, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Very courteous and Professional "},{"authorName":"Michael P.","publisherDate":"March 21, 2024","rating":1,"content":"Trying to cancel and cannot get hold of anyone."},{"authorName":"Susan Elaine M.","publisherDate":"March 20, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Rep was very helpful. Made the process easy. "},{"authorName":"Margaret H.","publisherDate":"March 20, 2024","rating":5,"content":"My first impression was wonderful. Great customer service"},{"authorName":"Rockey B.","publisherDate":"March 19, 2024","rating":1,"content":"Wish I could give negative but can't. This is a really bad company, customer service is terrible. I thought I was getting a quote but didn't get it until I gave my payment info. They would give $6,000.00 insurance for almost $110.00 monthly. Do the math, i t will Not pay for a funeral. I have called 2 days in a row trying to cancel this and they want to wait until they send a letter in the mail and then we sign and return, cannot email, will fax but who has that any longer. So at this point I will block payment and wait for letter to cancel. Beware of insurance Co. There is better companies. "},{"authorName":"Danny W.","publisherDate":"March 19, 2024","rating":1,"content":"I did not buy any insurance, I only checked. If my account has been charged, I want a refund."},{"authorName":"Joseph E.","publisherDate":"March 19, 2024","rating":5,"content":"I am still waiting for confirmation for Mary Erhart\u2019s policy"},{"authorName":"Karen M.","publisherDate":"March 19, 2024","rating":1,"content":"You don't find out the value of policy until you pay for it and it's a very low value. "},{"authorName":"Laurel S.","publisherDate":"March 19, 2024","rating":3,"content":"I sent an email requesting the payment NOT be processed as I was merely seeking information but you are processing it anyway. I am unhappy that you need to take it that far to simply get an idea of coverage. Please cancel the plan and refund the initial payment. "},{"authorName":"Christina P.","publisherDate":"March 19, 2024","rating":4,"content":"Quick service"},{"authorName":"Annruth C.","publisherDate":"March 17, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great online experience "},{"authorName":"Donnie R.","publisherDate":"March 17, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Easy to use and quick also"},{"authorName":"Carrie R.","publisherDate":"March 17, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Easy to use... took no time at all"},{"authorName":"Anthony A.","publisherDate":"March 17, 2024","rating":1,"content":"I was told I would get a quote and was automatically signed up"},{"authorName":"Patricia Ann C.","publisherDate":"March 17, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Straight forward and seemingly complete process."},{"authorName":"Randolph B.","publisherDate":"March 16, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Easy to apply and experience staff"},{"authorName":"Kimyetta B.","publisherDate":"March 16, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great service "},{"authorName":"William G.","publisherDate":"March 14, 2024","rating":5,"content":"great customer servic"},{"authorName":"Ahinoam H.","publisherDate":"March 13, 2024","rating":3,"content":"Have not received my package yet "},{"authorName":"Wayne B.","publisherDate":"March 13, 2024","rating":5,"content":"I need receipt "},{"authorName":"Denise F.","publisherDate":"March 13, 2024","rating":1,"content":"I feel i was mislead with the price verses the policy. I need to cancel this please"},{"authorName":"Tiwanna C.","publisherDate":"March 13, 2024","rating":5,"content":"It was easy to buy online and easy to setup my my recurring payments "},{"authorName":"John H.","publisherDate":"March 12, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great service "},{"authorName":"Jovita P.","publisherDate":"March 12, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Excellent and fast processing of application and notification of status. "},{"authorName":"Teresa B.","publisherDate":"March 11, 2024","rating":3,"content":"I thought I would get a quote for maybe a larger amount. "},{"authorName":"Deborah F.","publisherDate":"March 11, 2024","rating":4,"content":"Thank you"},{"authorName":"Byron F.","publisherDate":"March 11, 2024","rating":3,"content":"I know the Company well, but the price per unit, and the fact that I had to submit bank information before seeing that price is a little bit aggravating. I would have been more apt to purchase the product if it would have been easily available before filling out the entire application along with my banking information. That's the reason for the 3 star rating."},{"authorName":"Mark D.","publisherDate":"March 10, 2024","rating":4,"content":"Ok I needed more information about blocks"},{"authorName":"Evelyn W.","publisherDate":"March 10, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Very easy to enroll"},{"authorName":"Clarence A.","publisherDate":"March 10, 2024","rating":5,"content":"I"},{"authorName":"Cynthia H.","publisherDate":"March 08, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great customer service "},{"authorName":"Raul V.","publisherDate":"March 08, 2024","rating":3,"content":"For some reason when I applied 'on-line' and was approved ($19.90/mos.), I was charged '4' times for that amount via my bank account "},{"authorName":"Deborah H.","publisherDate":"March 08, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great customer service "},{"authorName":"Sheryl T.","publisherDate":"March 08, 2024","rating":3,"content":"The section where you select how many units you want is very confusing. The help or information link doesn't clarify what a unit is. I had to pkay with a couple of choices I. Order to find what I was looking for."},{"authorName":"Lovina B.","publisherDate":"March 08, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Superb!!"},{"authorName":"Frank J.","publisherDate":"March 08, 2024","rating":1,"content":"Terrible web experience. In order to get a quote and the amount of insurance coverage included in the quote, you have to give your credit card. Then you are issued a policy even if you don't want it. There is no way to decline the offer."},{"authorName":"George M.","publisherDate":"March 08, 2024","rating":2,"content":"Great job of disguising prices and coverages! Almost a scam."},{"authorName":"Donna B.","publisherDate":"March 08, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Very user friendly "},{"authorName":"Daryl O.","publisherDate":"March 08, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great service "},{"authorName":"Mark H.","publisherDate":"March 07, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great experience! Very easy to use!"},{"authorName":"Jeffery T.","publisherDate":"March 07, 2024","rating":1,"content":"Not enough information. Like how much is a unit. And how much I am qualified for before I submit my application. "},{"authorName":"Darlene P.","publisherDate":"March 07, 2024","rating":5,"content":"I'm hoping that it will be what we are looking for and if I will add more "},{"authorName":"Angela S.","publisherDate":"March 06, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Straight to the point customer service "},{"authorName":"Dorothy C.","publisherDate":"March 06, 2024","rating":1,"content":"Horrible....Please this rip off!@"},{"authorName":"Randall O.","publisherDate":"March 06, 2024","rating":1,"content":"Extreme faults advertisement on television. Found out you do not get $10,000 of insurance for 999. "},{"authorName":"Michael J.","publisherDate":"March 05, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Fast and easy.\r\n\r\nService was great"},{"authorName":"Tonia M.","publisherDate":"March 05, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great work and excellent day today."},{"authorName":"Susan M.","publisherDate":"March 05, 2024","rating":4,"content":"It was quick an very easy to get signed up "},{"authorName":"Sue G.","publisherDate":"March 05, 2024","rating":5,"content":"It is great"},{"authorName":"Joyce H.","publisherDate":"March 04, 2024","rating":1,"content":"Cost of insurance vs worth of policy appallingly disparaging. Your commercials make it seem like a great deal for Pennie\u2019s a day but that is not so. "},{"authorName":"Patricia H.","publisherDate":"March 04, 2024","rating":2,"content":"I won\u2019t live to full value at 121 YO. I want to cancel policy.\r\nThis will not benefit my family."},{"authorName":"David L.","publisherDate":"March 04, 2024","rating":5,"content":"It was great "},{"authorName":"Shannon R.","publisherDate":"March 04, 2024","rating":3,"content":"Good company for what I know. "},{"authorName":"Timothy D.","publisherDate":"March 04, 2024","rating":1,"content":"I was just looking for a quote and not a policy until I had a chance to review. Received the policy on a Thursday and was charged by Monday. Now need to wait for additional paperwork to cancel the policy, and get refunded. A refund should be automatic after I called the same day the money was taken from checking account. VERY POOR BUSINESS!!!"},{"authorName":"Dorlene A.","publisherDate":"March 04, 2024","rating":4,"content":"Site was easy to navigate"},{"authorName":"David C.","publisherDate":"March 04, 2024","rating":5,"content":"I've over seeing so many tv commercial on my tv set about this life insurance it convinced me to get it."},{"authorName":"Stanley S.","publisherDate":"March 04, 2024","rating":4,"content":"EXCELLANT SERVICE"},{"authorName":"Lisa M.","publisherDate":"March 03, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Easy to apply for the life insurance I need and trust!"},{"authorName":"Nancy C.","publisherDate":"March 03, 2024","rating":5,"content":"It was great easy as could be I'm very happy with my experience "},{"authorName":"Denise M B.","publisherDate":"March 03, 2024","rating":1,"content":"I had no idea money was being taken out and don't remember signing anything. 40 dollars was taken out and put my acct in the neg. I wanted tongo wit Mutual of Omaha. U people ate crooks!!!!!!!!!"},{"authorName":"Brandon A.","publisherDate":"March 03, 2024","rating":4,"content":"Easy to use the sire"},{"authorName":"Michael B.","publisherDate":"March 03, 2024","rating":5,"content":"The process was very simple."},{"authorName":"Nicole E.","publisherDate":"March 02, 2024","rating":5,"content":"๐Ÿ˜Š"},{"authorName":"Barbara R.","publisherDate":"March 02, 2024","rating":4,"content":"Have not received a response to the application as yet "},{"authorName":"Yvonne S.","publisherDate":"March 01, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Piece of cake to enroll. "},{"authorName":"Camilla A.","publisherDate":"March 01, 2024","rating":4,"content":"I am still waiting to receive my policy."},{"authorName":"Donna A.","publisherDate":"February 29, 2024","rating":5,"content":"It was very easy to apply and the representative was very efficient "},{"authorName":"Cindy A.","publisherDate":"February 29, 2024","rating":5,"content":"So very easy to sign up. My goodness, only took a couple of minutes. "},{"authorName":"Louise H.","publisherDate":"February 29, 2024","rating":5,"content":"All was good"},{"authorName":"Mel B.","publisherDate":"February 29, 2024","rating":3,"content":"There is no mention in the incessant TV commercials of an $800+ charge for entry."},{"authorName":"Eugene H.","publisherDate":"February 28, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Fast and easy application with no hassle. Nice to have a locked rate."},{"authorName":"Monica R.","publisherDate":"February 28, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Very easy and fast to enroll. "},{"authorName":"Margaret P.","publisherDate":"February 28, 2024","rating":4,"content":"Easy to follow "},{"authorName":"Pam W.","publisherDate":"February 28, 2024","rating":1,"content":"Charged me without permission "},{"authorName":"William B.","publisherDate":"February 27, 2024","rating":4,"content":"It was an easy time."},{"authorName":"Shante K.","publisherDate":"February 27, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Love the online submission "},{"authorName":"Jessica B.","publisherDate":"February 27, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great ๐Ÿ‘ service"},{"authorName":"Jeremy D.","publisherDate":"February 27, 2024","rating":1,"content":"There tv spokes person on the talk show Sheri gave false advertisement on $25k for $9.95 a month on life insurance! "},{"authorName":"Cheryl L.","publisherDate":"February 27, 2024","rating":5,"content":"\r\ngreat customer service.\r\n"},{"authorName":"Martin V.","publisherDate":"February 27, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Easy just simply did a chat to figure out how to see the coverage I was buying. Was very easy to navigate and certainly took no time to sign up. "},{"authorName":"Rocco M.","publisherDate":"February 26, 2024","rating":1,"content":"I tried to cancel my sub subscription, and I have not heard a word back from them"},{"authorName":"Michael B.","publisherDate":"February 25, 2024","rating":3,"content":"I did not buy anything. I received a quote."},{"authorName":"Terry G.","publisherDate":"February 24, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great, easy, speedy"},{"authorName":"Marjorie A.","publisherDate":"February 24, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Good service "},{"authorName":"Clyde M.","publisherDate":"February 24, 2024","rating":5,"content":"I've alwayed liked the way the men and women gave us the truth in commercials"},{"authorName":"Julette P.","publisherDate":"February 24, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Thank you "},{"authorName":"Warren S.","publisherDate":"February 24, 2024","rating":1,"content":"Cancel my Subscription! "},{"authorName":"Sylvia B.","publisherDate":"February 23, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Thank you"},{"authorName":"Duane D.","publisherDate":"February 23, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Quick and easy to apply."},{"authorName":"Daniel L.","publisherDate":"February 23, 2024","rating":4,"content":"Not as much value as I hoped for"},{"authorName":"Andre F.","publisherDate":"February 23, 2024","rating":3,"content":"Please cancel my account (R910151615)59.90 I pefrert the account costing 119.70"},{"authorName":"Danny J.","publisherDate":"February 23, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Simple and quick "},{"authorName":"Silvia M.","publisherDate":"February 23, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Excellent "},{"authorName":"Tracie G.","publisherDate":"February 22, 2024","rating":5,"content":"The process was very quick and easy and I was approved right away, so thankful.."},{"authorName":"Derrick J.","publisherDate":"February 22, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Ease of use and finding exactly what I needed without any hassles. Really enjoyed the experience of buying life insurance. I am a fan of this company and how they do business. "},{"authorName":"Eunice A.","publisherDate":"February 22, 2024","rating":1,"content":"Online was hard to use"},{"authorName":"Tonni P.","publisherDate":"February 22, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great Customer Service "},{"authorName":"David S.","publisherDate":"February 22, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Thank you for the handy process and for the excellent policy. My wife will also be applying."},{"authorName":"Ray A.","publisherDate":"February 20, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Good "},{"authorName":"Gregory K.","publisherDate":"February 19, 2024","rating":1,"content":"Cancel my policy,to much money for all im getting I'll have my bank stop payment on mine ."},{"authorName":"Dan L.","publisherDate":"February 19, 2024","rating":1,"content":"Cancel policy please "},{"authorName":"Dempsey H.","publisherDate":"February 19, 2024","rating":4,"content":"Didn\u2019t like not knowing the coverage you get per unit. Very vague. Might have purchased different unit with better information about coverage."},{"authorName":"Wanda S.","publisherDate":"February 19, 2024","rating":5,"content":"I was sooo worried about getting life insurance and your customer service was GREAT!!!"},{"authorName":"Carol O.","publisherDate":"February 18, 2024","rating":3,"content":"It was very difficult to get response for questions asked. Thus hung up after multiple tries."},{"authorName":"Madella E.","publisherDate":"February 18, 2024","rating":3,"content":"I need to cancel both policies "},{"authorName":"Michael W.","publisherDate":"February 18, 2024","rating":5,"content":"I never received a copy of my policy."},{"authorName":"Pearline C.","publisherDate":"February 18, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great"},{"authorName":"Ulrich F.","publisherDate":"February 17, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great customer service "},{"authorName":"Rhonda P.","publisherDate":"February 17, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Very easy to navigate website. "},{"authorName":"David K.","publisherDate":"February 17, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Very good experience."},{"authorName":"Olga T.","publisherDate":"February 16, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Thank you"},{"authorName":"Diana N.","publisherDate":"February 16, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great prices"},{"authorName":"Fabrizio B.","publisherDate":"February 16, 2024","rating":5,"content":"The people are fattest and understanding that these other people and God bless colonial Penn for what they\u2019re doing and bringing the price down for the people crew for life insurance so when they pass, they have something to this can be insured off again thank you so much."},{"authorName":"Denise B.","publisherDate":"February 16, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Very easily fast"},{"authorName":"John A.","publisherDate":"February 16, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Excellent services for online application. Just checking to see if myself and my wife Dianna have been accepted. "},{"authorName":"Jeffery S.","publisherDate":"February 14, 2024","rating":1,"content":"I'm not very happy with this right now because my first monthly payment was 2 different policies only applied for 1 policy and when tried to get it fixed it I didn't have any luck so I might cancel it right away ๐Ÿ˜… "},{"authorName":"Michael N.","publisherDate":"February 14, 2024","rating":1,"content":"Better policies "},{"authorName":"John L.","publisherDate":"February 14, 2024","rating":5,"content":"My first time experience with Colonial Penn Life Insurance was easy to follow plus I had assist from my family member who assisted me to find Life Insurance for myself. I found Colonial Penn Life Insurance very useful and economical reasonable. Thank you Colonial Penn Life Insurance. "},{"authorName":"Sandra H.","publisherDate":"February 14, 2024","rating":1,"content":"A little tricky I signed up without realizing the amount of insurance I would be getting so I want to cancel. Not an easy thing to cancel, ridiculous that you can\u2019t do it immediately, they want your money!!! I would NEVER RECOMMEND THEM!!!"},{"authorName":"Matthew J.","publisherDate":"February 14, 2024","rating":1,"content":"I never confirmed that I wanted the policy.. no person followed up with me.. I am very disappointed!"},{"authorName":"Elease H.","publisherDate":"February 13, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great customer service"},{"authorName":"Stanley N.","publisherDate":"February 13, 2024","rating":1,"content":"It\u2019s awful that you have to give your credit card info before you even know how much coverage you are getting! 3 units = $1250. That doesn\u2019t cover anything!"},{"authorName":"Steven B.","publisherDate":"February 12, 2024","rating":1,"content":"Only have one question?? How much money does two unit\u2019s\u2026. $19.95 per month\u2026 if I die in five years, what will my Aires receive??? Then I\u2019ll fill in a star\u2026. "},{"authorName":"Delores M.","publisherDate":"February 12, 2024","rating":5,"content":"EXCELLENT SERVICE"},{"authorName":"Edward F.","publisherDate":"February 12, 2024","rating":2,"content":"Give me more opportunity to take care of my family "},{"authorName":"Benjamin S.","publisherDate":"February 11, 2024","rating":1,"content":"NA"},{"authorName":"Alex A.","publisherDate":"February 11, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Alex Aragon ok"},{"authorName":"Wt T.","publisherDate":"February 11, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Good "},{"authorName":"Paula S.","publisherDate":"February 10, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Easy to apply"},{"authorName":"John M.","publisherDate":"February 10, 2024","rating":4,"content":"Applying online was very easy to navigate the application."},{"authorName":"Maria C.","publisherDate":"February 10, 2024","rating":1,"content":"I canceled 1000 for 10$ yeah right. Too bad. "},{"authorName":"Sandra G.","publisherDate":"February 10, 2024","rating":1,"content":"Was easy"},{"authorName":"Alea M.","publisherDate":"February 10, 2024","rating":1,"content":"Canceled before it started. No money was paid. Not what I was looking for"},{"authorName":"Arnold R.","publisherDate":"February 10, 2024","rating":4,"content":"Good costume severe "},{"authorName":"Allan L.","publisherDate":"February 10, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great need monthly payment "},{"authorName":"Timothy B.","publisherDate":"February 09, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Everything is great"},{"authorName":"Connie P.","publisherDate":"February 09, 2024","rating":1,"content":"I declined insurance but was still charged "},{"authorName":"Patsy M.","publisherDate":"February 09, 2024","rating":3,"content":"Pleasant customer service "},{"authorName":"Ranetta S.","publisherDate":"February 09, 2024","rating":1,"content":"Want a refund too pricy for so little"},{"authorName":"Carla A.","publisherDate":"February 09, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Very easy and understandable"},{"authorName":"Cortina M.","publisherDate":"February 09, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great customer service "},{"authorName":"Jeffrey S.","publisherDate":"February 09, 2024","rating":1,"content":"I am outraged after reading the fine print on this contract. I tried to cancel immediately but apparently by the customer service person they will need to mail me a form and this process will take weeks to get my funds returned to me. Very disappointed and will never refer anyone to this company."},{"authorName":"Clinton R.","publisherDate":"February 09, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Simple and easy "},{"authorName":"Shanine T.","publisherDate":"February 09, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Good "},{"authorName":"Victoria T.","publisherDate":"February 09, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Excellent service.."},{"authorName":"Peter B.","publisherDate":"February 08, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great service and easy on line."},{"authorName":"Edward M.","publisherDate":"February 08, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Was fast and easy to apply will recommend to others"},{"authorName":"Melanie W.","publisherDate":"February 08, 2024","rating":2,"content":"Very annoying that you can not see policy amounts till youve made your purchase. Disappointing and kind of shady. "},{"authorName":"Ilka T.","publisherDate":"February 08, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Excellent company no problem to get a policy Great "},{"authorName":"Nathaniel A.","publisherDate":"February 08, 2024","rating":1,"content":"Poor. Very poor and dissatisfied. It goes by units. You don\u2019t know how much you\u2019re actually getting until they take your money and email you. Was unable to cancel via phone and was told to send fax with written letter. Fax was sent same day and still haven\u2019t Vern refunded yet but representative stated 24 hours for a refund once fax received. "},{"authorName":"Michael M.","publisherDate":"February 08, 2024","rating":5,"content":"10"},{"authorName":"Dennis H.","publisherDate":"February 07, 2024","rating":1,"content":"NO LONGER WANT THIS INSURANCE AT ALL!!!!! "},{"authorName":"Freddie F.","publisherDate":"February 07, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Good job!"},{"authorName":"Rebecca H.","publisherDate":"February 07, 2024","rating":1,"content":"I did NOT order this insurance and I want to cancel immediately and I want a full refund. You can't just take money out of people's account whenever you want!! Especially, when it it's someone living on a fixed income! The lady I was talking to on the phone KNEW that I was just looking at different companies at that point. I feel very much taken advantage of. Please cancel this and return the money you took from my account. "},{"authorName":"Angelo D.","publisherDate":"February 07, 2024","rating":1,"content":"Hello * Good Morning, I must admit that your representative Mr. Raul Rivera did not delete my previous $51.75 out my account and posted it on my account with my premium amount so, I was fraustrated and had to call back to get a refund check hoping you guys send me a check very soon cause I'm on a fixed income."},{"authorName":"Donna A.","publisherDate":"February 07, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Easy application form "},{"authorName":"Johnny J.","publisherDate":"February 06, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great customer service"},{"authorName":"Shirley J.","publisherDate":"February 06, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great customer service!!"},{"authorName":"Rachel E.","publisherDate":"February 06, 2024","rating":5,"content":"excellent"},{"authorName":"Carmen T.","publisherDate":"February 06, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Good service"},{"authorName":"David D.","publisherDate":"February 06, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Excellent "},{"authorName":"Diana T.","publisherDate":"February 05, 2024","rating":2,"content":"I need to cancel this insurance.\r\n\r\nDiana Townsend"},{"authorName":"Julia G.","publisherDate":"February 05, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Easy "},{"authorName":"Rick G.","publisherDate":"February 05, 2024","rating":5,"content":"This was my first time applying for life insurance. I found it very easy and simple to fill out the application. So happy I got it "},{"authorName":"Digna V.","publisherDate":"February 05, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Easy and fast "},{"authorName":"James K.","publisherDate":"February 05, 2024","rating":2,"content":"Signed up ,somehow wrong beneficiary got listed and didn't get correct amount of insurance because the app wasn't working correctly now have to cancel "},{"authorName":"Lori S.","publisherDate":"February 05, 2024","rating":3,"content":"I wanted to increase my coverage and I cannot do it without my policy number "},{"authorName":"Jenny B.","publisherDate":"February 04, 2024","rating":5,"content":"So easy to sign up!"},{"authorName":"Brenda P.","publisherDate":"February 04, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great service "},{"authorName":"Patricia W.","publisherDate":"February 03, 2024","rating":5,"content":"I got this because when my mom passed she had a policy My experience at that time was positive \r\n\r\n"},{"authorName":"Alfred D.","publisherDate":"February 03, 2024","rating":1,"content":"Negative 10 stars if this was possible. I asked for a quote and then found myself signed up for a worthless policy. I have tried to cancel several times but getting passed from one department to another than eventually hung up on. I WANT TO CANCEL THIS WORTHLESS POLICY IMMEDIATELY!"},{"authorName":"Steven Y.","publisherDate":"February 03, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Website was easy to navigate "},{"authorName":"Don U.","publisherDate":"February 03, 2024","rating":4,"content":"Ty "},{"authorName":"Vincenta V.","publisherDate":"February 03, 2024","rating":1,"content":"Not received my Cancel Order with a e mail \r\n"},{"authorName":"Kimberly T.","publisherDate":"February 02, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Online application system very user-friendly."},{"authorName":"Teresa S.","publisherDate":"February 02, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Everything was great."},{"authorName":"Roberta C.","publisherDate":"February 02, 2024","rating":1,"content":"I think I\u2019d like to cancel this. The premiums are too high"},{"authorName":"Christopher K.","publisherDate":"January 31, 2024","rating":1,"content":"i cancelled my policy week working the thirty days and was still charged!!"},{"authorName":"Nicky H.","publisherDate":"January 28, 2024","rating":1,"content":"I emailed you and asked you to cancel. Why gas it not been canceled?"},{"authorName":"John N.","publisherDate":"January 27, 2024","rating":1,"content":"Yeah: DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS INSURANCE!! I\u2019ve tried to cancel it many times but they keep debiting my acct! I\u2019ve called and I was assured it was cancelled to no avail. It\u2019s a complete rip off and they don\u2019t tell you the amount of money for the policy up front! Only after you agree and hand over your financial information do you discover that you only get like $2,000 for $35.00 per month and only after like twenty years!!! These people are complete and utter crooks!!"},{"authorName":"Rachel M.","publisherDate":"January 27, 2024","rating":1,"content":"I did not authorize the charge on my account. Please put my money back!!!! You had no right to charge nec"},{"authorName":"Bao B.","publisherDate":"January 27, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Understand what customer wants good service "},{"authorName":"Grecgory P.","publisherDate":"January 26, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Ex"},{"authorName":"Billy W.","publisherDate":"January 26, 2024","rating":1,"content":"This 9.95 plan just isn't what I need...I need something with more insurance that I can afdord...500 dollars isn't enough insurance...so please cancel this policy..sorry I messed up...but please cancel it..I need to put 9.95 toward something bigger.."},{"authorName":"Carl C.","publisherDate":"January 26, 2024","rating":1,"content":"No one returned call and never received the policy"},{"authorName":"Myla M.","publisherDate":"January 26, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Thank you Colonial Penn"},{"authorName":"Michael V.","publisherDate":"January 26, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Very nice,and quick "},{"authorName":"Octavia N.","publisherDate":"January 26, 2024","rating":3,"content":"I got a letter in the mail stating that your bank turned down my banking information, so for that reason you can cancel my interest in company. There was NO reason to be rejected "},{"authorName":"Athena S.","publisherDate":"January 26, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Waiting on response "},{"authorName":"Ruth H.","publisherDate":"January 25, 2024","rating":1,"content":"Cancel my application. I no longer want it."},{"authorName":"Scott S.","publisherDate":"January 25, 2024","rating":1,"content":"40 a month for 6500 in coverage it's to much. I also can't find my policy number which is weird. "},{"authorName":"Judith P.","publisherDate":"January 24, 2024","rating":1,"content":"Please cancel "},{"authorName":"Donald R.","publisherDate":"January 24, 2024","rating":1,"content":"I try to cancel this insurance "},{"authorName":"Lamont D.","publisherDate":"January 24, 2024","rating":4,"content":"AI customer service. User friendly"},{"authorName":"Joanne D.","publisherDate":"January 23, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Very easy!"},{"authorName":"Carolyn W.","publisherDate":"January 23, 2024","rating":5,"content":"User friendly website. "},{"authorName":"Sylvia J.","publisherDate":"January 23, 2024","rating":5,"content":"It okay "},{"authorName":"Deborah R.","publisherDate":"January 23, 2024","rating":1,"content":"Please cancel my policy as I am not interest. I didn\u2019t no the 9.95 was for such a little amount of coverage. Thank you "},{"authorName":"Candy W.","publisherDate":"January 23, 2024","rating":5,"content":"I signed up online. Straight forward and easy to understand."},{"authorName":"William H.","publisherDate":"January 22, 2024","rating":1,"content":"Even though I requested a life insurance quote; I was charged $81.60 !! When I tried to get a credit on my charge card, I was told to check my bank statement first. . . I will NOT refer anyone to Colonial Penn for life insurance !!"},{"authorName":"Denise P.","publisherDate":"January 22, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Easy to sign up. Good service."},{"authorName":"Gregg H.","publisherDate":"January 22, 2024","rating":1,"content":"I went to your website for a quote, I didn\u2019t want to buy right away. I put in my information and was sold the product before I had a chance to decide. Deceptivel!"},{"authorName":"Avia K.","publisherDate":"January 22, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Good morning my name is Mrs Avia Kelsey-Jackson could you please let me know if you received you January payment "},{"authorName":"Reed M.","publisherDate":"January 21, 2024","rating":3,"content":"I still haven't got a verification on my coverage "},{"authorName":"Renee M.","publisherDate":"January 21, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great service "},{"authorName":"Toni G.","publisherDate":"January 21, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great i"},{"authorName":"Samuel B.","publisherDate":"January 21, 2024","rating":1,"content":"Yes was not happy with my experience, at all,when I went on line ,I was going on for a quote ,not knowing they were signing me up ,,I am not all satisfied with this transaction and will first thing g Monday be canceling this contract. Getting a quote and purchasing are to different things."},{"authorName":"Daisy O.","publisherDate":"January 21, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Good "},{"authorName":"Norma C.","publisherDate":"January 20, 2024","rating":5,"content":"I need you all to send me the policy nevermind I tried to cancel this all they did was send me a double bill I will pay you nothing "},{"authorName":"Marlene B.","publisherDate":"January 20, 2024","rating":1,"content":"I\u2019m trying to cancel my policy and no one will help me"},{"authorName":"Caren H.","publisherDate":"January 20, 2024","rating":1,"content":"I lade a mistake didn\u2019t mean to get two policies can u cancel both of then now lease and thank u i dont I made a mistake taking out two policies I want them all take my card\r\nOffyour account and i will cancel my card since yall trying to take over $120 out my acct"},{"authorName":"Edward W.","publisherDate":"January 20, 2024","rating":5,"content":" Excellent customer experience."},{"authorName":"Michael H.","publisherDate":"January 19, 2024","rating":1,"content":"LP I said from day one I wanted this insurance council and y'all keep sending me paperwork y'all keep sending me a emails what's going on with this I hope you didn't take nothing no money out of my bank account because I wanted this to deleted the same minute that all this was going on I'll try to find out the price for all of this"},{"authorName":"Jessie N.","publisherDate":"January 19, 2024","rating":5,"content":"I enjoyed the online experience is was very knowledgeable and easy to apply Thank you since I'm not good at any computer devices."},{"authorName":"Karen K.","publisherDate":"January 18, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Good service"},{"authorName":"Diane B.","publisherDate":"January 18, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Very Simple and Easy and no hundreds of questions"},{"authorName":"Patricia B.","publisherDate":"January 18, 2024","rating":5,"content":"It was fast and easy! Thank you!"},{"authorName":"George A.","publisherDate":"January 18, 2024","rating":5,"content":"I was walking with open arms right"},{"authorName":"Russell G.","publisherDate":"January 18, 2024","rating":1,"content":"I did not authorize. I submitted a quote and you charged my card!!!!"},{"authorName":"Leslie M.","publisherDate":"January 18, 2024","rating":1,"content":"The amount of coverage was not revealed until after the application was submitted. It was a very minimal amount for the price. Then it was difficult to cancel because you could only cancel by phone and they disconnected the line twice after placing me on hold. "},{"authorName":"Richard L.","publisherDate":"January 18, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Very easy to fill out form"},{"authorName":"Dolly L.","publisherDate":"January 17, 2024","rating":3,"content":"I need some one to call me."},{"authorName":"Gloria H.","publisherDate":"January 17, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Website was very easy to use."},{"authorName":"Patricia R.","publisherDate":"January 17, 2024","rating":5,"content":"I would like a paper copy of my policy. Just for future references \r\nThank you"},{"authorName":"Gabriel L.","publisherDate":"January 17, 2024","rating":4,"content":"Very good"},{"authorName":"Joyce L.","publisherDate":"January 16, 2024","rating":3,"content":"At the very end when I submitted my info it went to a blank screen. I refreshed and it wanted me to start the process again. I left the site having no idea if my bank info had been submitted and if I had completed the signup process until I received my policy in the mail."},{"authorName":"Mark B.","publisherDate":"January 16, 2024","rating":5,"content":"The app was easy to negotiate and the price is reasonable."},{"authorName":"Theresa P.","publisherDate":"January 16, 2024","rating":5,"content":"๐Ÿ’ฏ"},{"authorName":"Gloria H.","publisherDate":"January 14, 2024","rating":1,"content":"I am not be pursuing insurance from colonial life insurance rates to high can\u2019t afford it looking for lower prices "},{"authorName":"Constance S.","publisherDate":"January 14, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Very good "},{"authorName":"Earnest R.","publisherDate":"January 14, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Your online Application was very easy for me to Apply thank you for your help "},{"authorName":"Sharon W.","publisherDate":"January 13, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Very easy and quick to apply online, however the $9.99 price is for only $1,000 so I went a step up to $19.90 a month for $2,000. Both will not cover a funeral or many bills"},{"authorName":"Mary S.","publisherDate":"January 13, 2024","rating":1,"content":"I told them I wanted to cancel this application "},{"authorName":"Kathryn P.","publisherDate":"January 13, 2024","rating":1,"content":"I canceled this insurance but u charged my card. Please refund my money"},{"authorName":"Maurice M.","publisherDate":"January 13, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Thanks "},{"authorName":"Lakshmi Devi M.","publisherDate":"January 13, 2024","rating":5,"content":"great"},{"authorName":"Estella P.","publisherDate":"January 13, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Excellent customer service!"},{"authorName":"Robin V.","publisherDate":"January 13, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Hope I've got the right coverage at 69. Both parents gone. Just a brother and his family. Still living in the family home by my self. On a fixed income. Robin "},{"authorName":"Julia G.","publisherDate":"January 12, 2024","rating":5,"content":"It was easy \u2026"},{"authorName":"Theresa C.","publisherDate":"January 12, 2024","rating":4,"content":"As good as most"},{"authorName":"Lori W.","publisherDate":"January 11, 2024","rating":4,"content":"Process was simple and quick "},{"authorName":"Christine R.","publisherDate":"January 11, 2024","rating":5,"content":"So far it seemed easy. I have not received my packet in the mail yet with all the information but so far so good "},{"authorName":"Warren A.","publisherDate":"January 11, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great job thanks for all you do "},{"authorName":"Janet B.","publisherDate":"January 11, 2024","rating":5,"content":"So easy to sign up"},{"authorName":"Neli G.","publisherDate":"January 11, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Good service "},{"authorName":"Kevin J.","publisherDate":"January 10, 2024","rating":5,"content":"great service fast and easy "},{"authorName":"Michael G.","publisherDate":"January 10, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Nice and easy process no headaches thank you"},{"authorName":"Carol B.","publisherDate":"January 10, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Easy online registration "},{"authorName":"Richard S.","publisherDate":"January 10, 2024","rating":5,"content":"It was fast and easy to sign up on line.\r\nThank You"},{"authorName":"Janet Sue J.","publisherDate":"January 10, 2024","rating":1,"content":"False advertisement of your 10,000 life insurance for 9.95 a month. "},{"authorName":"Teresa M.","publisherDate":"January 09, 2024","rating":1,"content":"I didn\u2019t agree to have service with Colonial Penn!! I spoke to three people on 12-05-24 and they said within 24-48 my card would be credited back the $29.85 that you charged me. It\u2019s 12-09-24 and you still haven\u2019t credited me back the $29.85 that you charged me!!! I guess I\u2019ll have to CALL again!!!"},{"authorName":"Linda C.","publisherDate":"January 09, 2024","rating":4,"content":"I\u2019m not happy after I subscribe to this Insurance I got a notice saying that if I died tomorrow I would only get $800. That it takes two years to get the full benefit now will I get the full benefit when I live two more years"},{"authorName":"Jose R.","publisherDate":"January 09, 2024","rating":1,"content":"I purchased online and thought I bought 5x the amount I purchased. Called to cancel, customer service told me to call back in a day to cancel. Called next day told should have canceled yesterday. Customer service told me nothing the can do manager not available would be tied up two hours. Manager takes call in 15 mins also states the cancel process is snail mail and takes time. Poor service. "},{"authorName":"Steven B.","publisherDate":"January 09, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Greaf"},{"authorName":"Charlotte M.","publisherDate":"January 08, 2024","rating":4,"content":"I think I made a good choice "},{"authorName":"Janice B.","publisherDate":"January 08, 2024","rating":1,"content":"Cancel my insurance. I can get coverage a lot cheaper"},{"authorName":"Gerald S.","publisherDate":"January 08, 2024","rating":1,"content":"Customer service was awful!"},{"authorName":"Larry T.","publisherDate":"January 08, 2024","rating":1,"content":"No I'm canceling cause you guys never disclose what units ment can get 30,000 for what your policy is under 9,000 for 60.00 dollars"},{"authorName":"James H.","publisherDate":"January 08, 2024","rating":3,"content":"A person doesn\u2019t know how many units to purchase. It doesn\u2019t tell you how much insurance each unit is worth until you\u2019re through signing up. I bought 2 units just to find out it was just a little over $1600."},{"authorName":"Ramon G.","publisherDate":"January 08, 2024","rating":1,"content":"Your commercial fails to mention UNITS. \r\nMisleading!"},{"authorName":"Keri C.","publisherDate":"January 07, 2024","rating":1,"content":"Asked to have insurance cancelled and still have yet to receive cancellation notice"},{"authorName":"Janet F.","publisherDate":"January 07, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Super easy to sign up. Have already rec\u2019d my policy info in the mail. Peace of mind."},{"authorName":"Sam A.","publisherDate":"January 06, 2024","rating":4,"content":"Easy to understand "},{"authorName":"Colon H.","publisherDate":"January 06, 2024","rating":1,"content":"Fraudulent otganization or Customer service people are untrained "},{"authorName":"Samuel R.","publisherDate":"January 06, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great"},{"authorName":"Dana K.","publisherDate":"January 05, 2024","rating":1,"content":"I don't understand the policy I was trying to sign up for and have not received any contact from anyone to review or any paperwork in the mail nothing but request to rate my experience...."},{"authorName":"Linda W.","publisherDate":"January 05, 2024","rating":2,"content":"Website wouldn't let me change the state"},{"authorName":"Bennett C.","publisherDate":"January 05, 2024","rating":4,"content":"Good service "},{"authorName":"Wesley S.","publisherDate":"January 05, 2024","rating":4,"content":"A good experience ...."},{"authorName":"Robert M.","publisherDate":"January 04, 2024","rating":1,"content":"It was a terrible experience. I went on to get a quote and then next thing I know I am being charged. Please cancel my membertship!!!"},{"authorName":"Maurizio S.","publisherDate":"January 04, 2024","rating":4,"content":"All was ok except You didn't send me the booklet for my last memos and wishes Please really take care cause I wanna see the service I was told to have\r\nI hope the service will be complete when I will need So if that can still be send to me I'd appreciate Sincerely MSerra"},{"authorName":"Jeffrey B.","publisherDate":"January 04, 2024","rating":1,"content":"I need paperless documents of my insurance plan please send to my email asap"},{"authorName":"Kathleen G.","publisherDate":"January 04, 2024","rating":4,"content":"Am I going to receive any paperwork for my chosen policy??"},{"authorName":"Duane C.","publisherDate":"January 04, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great service "},{"authorName":"Jerry B.","publisherDate":"January 03, 2024","rating":4,"content":"Good "},{"authorName":"Donna B.","publisherDate":"January 03, 2024","rating":5,"content":"The agent was very professional & helpful "},{"authorName":"Michelle E.","publisherDate":"January 03, 2024","rating":2,"content":"Just wanted a quote did not want to buy. I found a company cheaper than you guys."},{"authorName":"Cheryl G.","publisherDate":"January 03, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Easy online experience!"},{"authorName":"Crismon B.","publisherDate":"January 02, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great customer service"},{"authorName":"Mitch R.","publisherDate":"January 02, 2024","rating":5,"content":"easy to follow online "},{"authorName":"Allen D.","publisherDate":"January 02, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Did you receive my payment yet?"},{"authorName":"Kenneth D.","publisherDate":"January 02, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Pretty smoothe sailing. Easy to sign up on the most popular plan in America. Peace of mind."},{"authorName":"Michael S.","publisherDate":"January 02, 2024","rating":1,"content":"I'm supposed to have 10.000 coverage for9.95 a month fix it or refund my money "},{"authorName":"Alice O.","publisherDate":"January 02, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Great customer service and easy to locate what you want Thanks Colonial Penn"},{"authorName":"Jacqueline B.","publisherDate":"January 02, 2024","rating":5,"content":"Welcome for your business "},{"authorName":"David W.","publisherDate":"December 25, 2023","rating":5,"content":"Great customer service friendly knowledgeable"},{"authorName":"Angelica G.","publisherDate":"December 24, 2023","rating":5,"content":"Great Job Excellent Customer Service "},{"authorName":"Gilbert J.","publisherDate":"December 21, 2023","rating":5,"content":"Quick and easy process"},{"authorName":"Lawrence G.","publisherDate":"December 21, 2023","rating":5,"content":"Very good customer service "},{"authorName":"Betty C.","publisherDate":"December 20, 2023","rating":2,"content":"it was a little scary to submit payment info before i even had a policy in hand but i trusted the name and hoped it was a real"},{"authorName":"Jennifer M.","publisherDate":"December 19, 2023","rating":4,"content":"The enrollment process was easy, however, I was under the assumption that the policy was for more than $895. It seemed that the elder relatives had this insurance and it was worth more. The fee was $5 per month ( many years ago )"},{"authorName":"Larry C.","publisherDate":"December 19, 2023","rating":5,"content":"When?"},{"authorName":"Michel W.","publisherDate":"December 18, 2023","rating":5,"content":"Very"},{"authorName":"Patricia J.","publisherDate":"December 17, 2023","rating":1,"content":"Don\u2019t know since I canceled the policy. Hope they don\u2019t charge my account!"},{"authorName":"Teresa M.","publisherDate":"December 16, 2023","rating":5,"content":"Great online experience, applying was fast and easy."},{"authorName":"Gregory J.","publisherDate":"December 16, 2023","rating":5,"content":"Customer Service was Awesome!"},{"authorName":"John M.","publisherDate":"December 16, 2023","rating":1,"content":"Confused. I cancelled this policy two days after I applied. This policy is not worth the $50/month premium. Please stop sending me email and please ensure the policy is indeed cancelled. Thank you."},{"authorName":"Annalee S.","publisherDate":"December 15, 2023","rating":5,"content":"Fast and easy to do on-line."},{"authorName":"Mashell A.","publisherDate":"December 13, 2023","rating":4,"content":"Easy online application. Fast response time "},{"authorName":"Elizabeth D.","publisherDate":"November 29, 2023","rating":5,"content":"Great service "},{"authorName":"Sharon S.","publisherDate":"November 29, 2023","rating":5,"content":"I Am A New Member So I Will See How Good This Life Insurance Company Is God Bless "},{"authorName":"Monica B.","publisherDate":"November 29, 2023","rating":5,"content":"Great customer service "},{"authorName":"Becky W.","publisherDate":"November 28, 2023","rating":1,"content":"Asked that the policy application be canceled through email and on phone on the 21st. Just to have my account charged on the 27th. Try to send messages get unknown error message "},{"authorName":"Donald D.","publisherDate":"November 28, 2023","rating":1,"content":"Cancel the policy"},{"authorName":"Sheryl L.","publisherDate":"November 28, 2023","rating":1,"content":"Deceptive. "},{"authorName":"Hope N.","publisherDate":"November 27, 2023","rating":2,"content":"Need best coverage & this isn\u2019t it for myself & husband. The buy-in is greater than pay-out.\r\nThe hard edit on platform doesn\u2019t give quote on screen you\u2019re \u201cforced\u201d to complete application entirely.\r\n\r\nWe both want to rescind this coverage effective immediately without charging any fees.\r\n\r\nThanks in advance & GODSPEED"},{"authorName":"Michael P.","publisherDate":"November 24, 2023","rating":1,"content":"your company is a fraud and I intend to sue and file regulatory complaints"},{"authorName":"Lydia M.","publisherDate":"November 24, 2023","rating":2,"content":"N/a"},{"authorName":"Phyllis S.","publisherDate":"November 23, 2023","rating":1,"content":"I want to cancel"},{"authorName":"Chris D.","publisherDate":"November 23, 2023","rating":5,"content":"Quick and easy"},{"authorName":"Cecilia S.","publisherDate":"November 23, 2023","rating":2,"content":"I texted them several days ago and I\u2019ve yet to hear back from anyone! Do they even care that they\u2019ve lost a client?"},{"authorName":"Norman B.","publisherDate":"November 22, 2023","rating":5,"content":"Perfect "},{"authorName":"Claren H.","publisherDate":"November 21, 2023","rating":5,"content":"Online experience was easy and quick. "},{"authorName":"Tony B.","publisherDate":"November 21, 2023","rating":1,"content":"I am very sorry I participated in requesting a quote from your company. I have requested to cancel this policy. "},{"authorName":"Sharon A.","publisherDate":"November 17, 2023","rating":5,"content":"Customer was very great"},{"authorName":"Allan G.","publisherDate":"November 17, 2023","rating":4,"content":"It was extremely simple and easy."},{"authorName":"Marianna K.","publisherDate":"November 15, 2023","rating":5,"content":"Great customer service and asked answered all my questions "},{"authorName":"Randell Martin W.","publisherDate":"November 15, 2023","rating":1,"content":"Change my mind $9.95 for 1,109 life insurance is a scam that's not enough to do anything for you. I will be canceling my policy as soon as it let's me"},{"authorName":"John J.","publisherDate":"November 14, 2023","rating":1,"content":"I didn't want my card charges I was trying to see a quote and I am definitely not happy about it I gave 1 star because I had to I wouldn't have clicked on anything I'm interested in life insurance but I was trying to see how much s month for whatever amount so next thing I know I'm getting charged 9.95 for something I didn't want 1500 and something isn't enough for anything that's why I was looking at your different prices I didn't know i was going to get charged "},{"authorName":"Paula P.","publisherDate":"November 13, 2023","rating":5,"content":"Good but I have not gotten my policy yet"},{"authorName":"Linda R.","publisherDate":"November 12, 2023","rating":5,"content":"Easy just as the seen on TV add says with Johnathan! "},{"authorName":"James M.","publisherDate":"November 12, 2023","rating":2,"content":"It was easy to input my fathers information but once I submitted I didn\u2019t receive anything else but a how did we do email. "},{"authorName":"Salvatore P.","publisherDate":"November 12, 2023","rating":1,"content":"If I could give them a negative number I would. Terrible experience. The rates are outrageous for the tiny amount of coverage. This is legal highway robbery. Do not use this company!!!"},{"authorName":"Katherine T.","publisherDate":"November 09, 2023","rating":5,"content":"Great"},{"authorName":"Miguel F.","publisherDate":"November 09, 2023","rating":5,"content":"easy to do"},{"authorName":"Debra K.","publisherDate":"November 09, 2023","rating":1,"content":"I cancelled and you are not giving me my money back!!!!!! "},{"authorName":"Marilyn W.","publisherDate":"November 09, 2023","rating":5,"content":"was an unexpected easy experience."},{"authorName":"Raymond M.","publisherDate":"November 08, 2023","rating":5,"content":"Easy to apply."},{"authorName":"Michael Y.","publisherDate":"November 08, 2023","rating":1,"content":"Your advertising is at minimum very deceptive "},{"authorName":"Robin M.","publisherDate":"November 07, 2023","rating":5,"content":"There wasn\u2019t really any contact. I applied on line with no human interaction. However, I received policy documents quickly in the mail. "},{"authorName":"Russell S.","publisherDate":"November 06, 2023","rating":1,"content":"$608 'benefit' is no benefit at all."},{"authorName":"John J.","publisherDate":"November 06, 2023","rating":5,"content":"Yes I accidentally paid twice can I get one of them back"},{"authorName":"Laeloni R.","publisherDate":"November 06, 2023","rating":5,"content":"I was hoping I can include my husband on the policy too. That\u2019s what I was trying to do when I sign up for it . "},{"authorName":"Emebet A.","publisherDate":"November 06, 2023","rating":5,"content":"I like the simplicity of "},{"authorName":"Randolph B.","publisherDate":"November 06, 2023","rating":4,"content":"Since I'm not able to talk, I was able to sign up over the internet, however it did reveal the amount of my coverage for the $10+ amount, I found that kind of odd. "},{"authorName":"Rosa G.","publisherDate":"November 05, 2023","rating":1,"content":"Took my account info before showing me my policy. "},{"authorName":"Nina M.","publisherDate":"November 03, 2023","rating":1,"content":"I DID NOT APPROVE ANY POLICY AND YET YOU TOOK MONEY OUT OF MY ACCOUNT WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!"},{"authorName":"Robert B.","publisherDate":"November 03, 2023","rating":5,"content":"I like doing business with professional, and honest, people. Thank you for your kindness. "},{"authorName":"Jacintha C.","publisherDate":"November 03, 2023","rating":5,"content":"The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable, thanks"},{"authorName":"Eugene L.","publisherDate":"November 02, 2023","rating":4,"content":"good "},{"authorName":"Jacqueline N.","publisherDate":"October 31, 2023","rating":1,"content":"No customer service no assistance. I do not know anything about buying life insurance. "},{"authorName":"Timothy D.","publisherDate":"October 31, 2023","rating":5,"content":"Easy to do"},{"authorName":"Simone T.","publisherDate":"October 31, 2023","rating":1,"content":"The buying experience was not great and I wish to cancel"},{"authorName":"Richard B.","publisherDate":"October 30, 2023","rating":1,"content":"Is it true nothing is paid out until after 2 years then the pay is like 8.00 dollars?"},{"authorName":"John D.","publisherDate":"October 30, 2023","rating":4,"content":"Everything was on-line"}]

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